Thursday, August 9, 2007


A lot has been said of poets and blogs... or poets with or without blogs. Or something like that.
Here are the blogs I like the most right now. The ones I check every day and am bummed out about when they don't update.

I don't think that a poet needs a blog. In fact, it might hurt more than help, really, unless you have one of those filters between your mind and your hands. I don't seem to have one. I have to be more careful lately. People get very angry with me about this blog. So I edit more than I used to.

I think it is a way to keep writing while taking a break from writing. I am on the computer a lot. I don't have a job on the computer right now, but I am working on it a lot. And I don't want to get up and go out all the time; I'm broke after all.

Some people think only failed poets have blogs, and others think that you have to have a blog to be successful. I started this blog to kind of record the lives of poets. It's not a blog about poetry. . . there are enough of those, but I want it to be about what it is to be a poet right now.
I've learned to love my blog.

I hope that it helps me find a rich woman to marry for love.

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