Monday, July 23, 2007


The SF International Poetry Festival is happening this week. You probably already knew about it. Their website/flyer/poster campaign boasts some of the worst design ever seen, guaranteeing a minimal turn out of poetry newcomers, but for the die-hard poetry freak, it should be quite a cool time. I'll be there on Thursday night and hopefully the Trieste reading on Sat.
A little while ago, there was a reading that Watchword Press and Instant City put on at Pegasus that featured a young poet named Matt Rohrer. Try finding him on line, and it's a wild goose chase because there are two poets going by that handle, and I just can't manage right now. But if you can manage it, check him out.
There is a mostly German language poetry/art clique I met up with in Hannover about nine years ago, Bremsspur. I like what they do very much. If you speak German, maybe you will, too. If not there are pictures of things.

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