Saturday, April 28, 2007

The Reading at Mama Buzz

It's a long way down from here.

We had a reading at Mama Buzz last night in the heart of the art scene of the East Bay. It was a great location (aside from the fact they don't take cards) and a great night. It was so full that it was, once again, standing room only. There were even people sitting on the floor. WOW!

Everyone read alarmingly well.

Can we stay on top forever? Well,,,
as long as people like Jarrod Roland keep keepin' it real as purple jelly, as long as people like Arron Pawlowicz keep spreading joy like peanut butter, as long as people like Connie Coady keep baking up that crazy bread, as long as people like Sara Mumolo keep bringing security blankets, as long as people like Beatrix Chan keep bringing the napkins to make it clean, as long as people like Gillian Hamel keep bringing the extra sugar,
word is born!
Stork Club was empty last night because all the hipsters had run to Coachella. The after party was not as epic as it could have/should have been.
But the reading did not disappoint.
I think many of us are going to Pegasus to see Chad Sweeney &c.

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Mumolo said...

great job mcing btw