Sunday, April 15, 2007

National Poetry Month Celebrates Cpt. Jack Morgan

I (Chad) won't steal Mr. Morgan's thunder on this one, because I'm sure he's been screwing around all day with a new post about the last two readings at Pegasus and the alternating destructions and rebuildings of the souls who stuck around afterwards, but I will say that the Pegasus readings that Clay put together this week have been absolutely, (excuse my language), good. Real good.

It got me thinking about Trainwreck and the periodic frustrations we all go through when working with a large collective. Jack and I recently spoke about how we and others can piss each other off with an almost mesmerizing regularity, yet we know that they and we are essential to the organization and, truly, the beauty of this collective is that we can all walk away every so often, only to come back when some other poor bastard has had enough abuse for a while. Point is, we've pulled off some great shit this week that will soon come to light, most of which would not have happened without the adept coal-slinging of Mr. Morgan. Cheers to everyone in this group who continues to propel it, and take a moment to tip your hat to Mr. Morgan. At least buy him a drink, for God's sake.

Also, and I'm not confirming anything yet, the third issue of Switchyard is looking like it's going to be something else. I'm honestly giddy about it, as you can tell from the picture.

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