Friday, April 13, 2007

Last Night on the Open Observation Car

Last night was our second open mic, "Nabolom, Nabolom!" at Nabolom Bakery on Russel and College. It was big. We are big shots, criminals, gangsters, pirates, poets. This one ran a bit more smoothly and effectively. The Trainwreck Union learns and fixes and alters and pushes envelopes just see what will happen next. And we don't seem to be compromising. This blog entry is a bit disjointed already, but it is because I am still reeling and giddy and shocked about how well that reading went.

Alex Snipes MC'd in a way that daunts me because I will be MC-ing "Throw Mama From the Train" soon, and will never be able to be as good as he.

Chad Vogler wrote a new poem that still has me repeating one of the lines in my head. Cricket and Fish hooks? Genius.

Arthur Klepchukov threw some new stuff out there thrilled me to hear. Watch out for that cat.

Stephen Holmes read from his novel in progress, and it did not fail to turn heads into boiling pots. It was his first time reading, and he did a great job.

Kyra Davis read for her first time, and she broke everyone's hearts, that little cutie, in a good way.

Seriously, though, everyone who read and everyone who came contributed to my personal enjoyment of last night and my life, really.

Tonight and all weekend, Pegasus is holding readings that promise to be memorable. You can catch us all there, if you're not a crybaby. Or you can stalk us from afar; we won't tell anyone. We don't mind.

Last but not least, the translation project seems to be hauling ass and ashes all the way to the top. We've somehow caught the eyes of some heroes of poetry, and when I heard who they were, I shat myself.

Everything is going swimmingly. We are careening toward glory. Nothing will ever be as good as this.

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