Saturday, March 17, 2007

Last Night at Pegasus

I don't want to be mean, but most of the trainwreck union had to bug out after the first poet last night, a little afraid of what might happen next if we all stayed.

Greenstreet read like someone much, much, much older than someone anyone would like to listen to. There was a great deal about salt, which is bad, because it only reminded me of being preserved like pork or some other fatty meat. Like maybe whale or something. I was busy apologizing to everyone I'd invited when Holmes came out, and I guess a few of us stuck around to see her, but no one talked about her, so I guess Greenstreet had successfully destroyed everyone's wills to live. I'm not sure if that's good or bad.

The night became about drinking at a little reading at Mo's beautiful flat where music was played and pomes were read. Mo, in case you're wondering, is the beautiful bartender at The Graduate. Chad Vogler, in a surreal turn of events played "Black Bird" on guitar while everyone screamed the lyrics. It's not the kind of song one hears screamed from the mouth of drunken poets, but there you go. Sara Mumolo and Connie Coady read some Vallejo in Spanish and English, respectively--nice enough on the ears and eyes, that. Jack pulled out his usual parlor trick and recited Shakespeare soliloquies in between his own stuff. Other people read and played and sang and did other such things, but I don't remember any of their names. They were all quite good, though.

The night ended in our typical fashion, with amazing tales of soul-grinding and bone-breaking. How are we to face St. Patrick today? Chasing our own snakes, we've got no time for Ireland's.

Next stop is probably going to be New Yipes at 21 Grand tomorrow night. I love New Yipes! David Larsen is an ingenious flyer-maker and poet. The readings are usually rather good. Who's reading? Who cares? Guess we'll find out.

I cannot wait to hear Connie Rose Coady's shit, btw; she is absolutely crazy, and crazy people, well, you know.


CLAY BANES said...

kate greenstreet read first, not janet holmes, and if you didn't like kate greenstreet, you're clueless.

Sky Jack Morgan said...

I am clueless, but all my friends are smart, so I get by.

Matthew Henriksen said...

Kate Greenstreet destroyed my will to die.

Grace said...

kate greenstreet, like the said salt of a most odious comparison, gives an essential, invisible voice to her inner landscape. think salt is bad for you? or, worse, it reminds you of pork? the ordinary, everyday- miracle substance, sodium chloride, holds fluid within the interstitial space between each cell in your body, humbly, without great fuss, preventing cells from shape-shifting your body into an edematous mass. kate's the real deal, trainwreck.

A Voice Box said...

"Greenstreet read like someone much, much, much older than someone anyone would like to listen to."

I don't appreciate this unfounded ageism, especially one that attempts to speak for the general "anyone". At what point does someone become too old to capture the Trainwreck Union's attention?

In regards to your mission statement, "To record our triumphs and failures as poets and artists" I'd like to congratulate you on your success with the latter.

"absurdly mislead poets at large", indeed.

Unknown said...
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Kasey Mohammad said...

Ditto on what all these other defenders have put forth. Kate's "Salt" piece is absolutely wonderful. Damn kids! Y'all are brain-addled from too much rock and roll and that hippity-hop music.

You're right on about LRSN and Joshua Clover though....

CLAY BANES said...

i accept the blame—for inviting you—and deserve to marked unreliable.

i probably blethered "the top of your head will be taken off."

if i recommend open house, don't listen.

nonetheless, if i don't see you april 14 and april 22, you're in trouble.

Radish King said...

Hey Trainwreck, lemme see some of your poems. For real. Post one or two.