Tuesday, January 22, 2013

3 Brothers Beer

Three Brothers Brewery is the newest brewery in Virginia, in case you didn't already know. The three Brothers are the Schifflett brothers who have been roaming around Harrisonburg for most of their lives, so most people around here know who they are. 

Adam's the oldest brother and was a submariner for many years. How cool is that? He's now the head brewer.

My favorite beer of theirs is the Coffee Breath because it's made with local coffee roasters, Lucas Roasting Company's cold brew coffee. I've liked Lucas coffee for a long time, and I really dig it when to local guys can get together and collaborate on something awesome.

Their new double IPA, the Admiral is a flowery giant IPA. It's great if you're into that sort of thing. If you don't typically like IPA's, you won't of course, but if you're like me, a person who is always looking for something bitter and complex and floral, you'll enjoy it like crazy.

I'll probably be posting a lot of pictures of them and their brewery on my blog and Instagram as time goes by and they grow.

Tonight there's a steal the glass night at Capital Ale House in Harrisonburg. It starts in a couple hours. It's going to be epic. I'll be posting pics on Instagram of people I meet there. If you see me there, tell me you read my blog and I'll buy you a beer. You can still keep the pint glass.

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