Friday, November 5, 2010

Sick. O. Suspension of Peanut Butter Project

I am sick. And I'm one of those weirdos who can't resign himself to
it. I cannot bare being out of commission for longer than 36 hours. So
instead of peanut butter awesomeness, I have been eating bulbs of
onions and cloves of garlic. I smell like Van Helsing. Garlic and
onions are supposed to beat your cold quickly. I'm hoping to wake up
tomorrow ready for more peanut butter deliciousness.

Something seems off about the Obermann suspension. The truth is I hate
all TV news. Anyone in the news biz is there to rile you up and
confuse you on important issues. I've seen Obermann's show and thought
it was funny, but that was many years ago. All the hate on both sides
of politics these days bothers me. The very notion of a suspension is
a laughable atavism to when equal time was still law and journalistic
integrity was still cherished. If O'Reilly were suspended it'd be just
as laughable. It's like suspending Hulk Hoagan from wrestling because
they found out he knew all along who would win the match, and that
calls into question the integrity of the WWF. Come on.

Jack Morgan


CLAY BANES said...

Wishing you back to the PB sharpish!

Sky Jack Morgan said...

Thanks Clay! I'm back. I'll get some PB up today I hope.