Sunday, September 26, 2010

Movies about Old People

If you put Robert Duval and Bill Murray in a movie together, you can
prove a hotly disputed theory: good actors can make a bad movie
tolerable. "Get Low" is a movie like that. Even though it's tedious
and slow, it's excedingly pretty and well acted. Even though it
fetishizes the good old days and cold weather in the Midwest, it's
themes are compelling and it's characters are interesting. "Get Low's"
climax is ho-hum and its ending is welcome but easy and sleepy.

There just isn't much there to latch on to. It's unclear if there's a
film here at all or if there's a story worth telling. It's enough
who's telling it I guess. Worthy of a rental when it hits netflix or
the library.

When I left the theater I thought "am I at a strange age where movies
aren't made for me anymore?" Everything seems made for children or
seniors lately. Maybe I'm imagining it.


Staunton has been enjoying an Indian Summer. I've been interviewing
for jobs. One of the jobs is a dream I don't want to jinx. I'd be
amazing at it. Built for it.

The Darjeeling Cafe is waiting for the building inspector to tell us
we can open. Making rent is difficult without an income at the house
across from the firehouse parking lot. Where we're waking up to the
sound of road work every morning except Sunday. Road work on the
sabbath really pissed Ozzy off.

The Murder Bros. are excited about our show on October 30 with The
Smell of Death. We're practicing our set constantly. We're going to
seriously rock.

I ran 14 miles a couple days ago. It is the longest distance I have
ever run. I'd like to complete a marathon before the year's out. I'm
hoping quite publicly that my stomach will look like a Top Gun fighter
pilot's once I get to that point. Kick the tires and light the fires.

Jack Morgan

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