Thursday, April 8, 2010

Is Gluten-Free Sexy?

What if we're eating too much of something? Shouldn't we stop even if it seems innocuous?

Kings and queens stored wheat and other grains as a commodity, as a way to control their subjects. It was like gold and oil and anything else worth fighting over. Wars were fought over wheat, riots sprang up for wheat. It's always been considered an important part of the western diet—maybe the most important.

It's currently one of the most subsidized crops in the United States, and when I was a kid it was one of the main things, next to meat and dairy, people were supposed to be eating. So we did, we ate a lot. Along with dairy and meat and corn, Americans eat hundreds of times more wheat than people did just fifty years ago.

Coincidentally, we're getting sicker. We're living longer, but we're suffering more. We take more medicine to mask our symptoms and live less healthy lives. Asthma, obesity, mental illness, muscular and neural disorders, and cancer are all up and are rising.

"Post hoc, ergo, propter hoc" I don't want to use chopped logic here, but there does seem to be a correlation to what we consume and what afflicts us. Some people, folks often scoffed at by medical professionals, think that there are direct correlations regarding certain foodstuffs in developed nations and the diseases that plague the people living there.

Some people think that gluten affects, exacerbates, and maybe even causes asthma. What if they're right? Is it worth giving up wheat, rye, and barley for 30 days to find out if gluten is an enemy?

Could it really be the case that the staple of western cuisine is its own enemy? I love bread, but could gluten be poisoning us? I mean, there's a ton of evidence of the nasty things meat does to us. . . and the government told me to eat a lot of meat and still does. It's one of the reasons I'm vegan. I'm thinner and healthier without it.

So is going gluten-free sexy? I don't know. I know that asthma is not sexy. What if I stop eating it for 30 days and my asthma symptoms go away? I've tried everything else, and I'm still medicated. What if I can get off the meds? How incredible would that be? It would be a miracle. . . a miracle that I performed on myself.

I'm in.

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