Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Bad Ass Vegetarian

I always love it when PETA features bad ass vegetarians in their communications. If I ever have enough money, I would like to open a manufactory of bad ass vegan gear. I don't think that market is covered enough by the likes Stella McCartney, &c.

I mean, I don't subscribe to the 1960's male identity GQ and Men's Health are peddling, but there is definitely a part of me that appreciates the rougher parts of masculinity. I do not believe for one nanosecond that the "Eat Like a Man" B.S. touted by male-targeted magazines is accurate, necessary, or even tolerable.

Consider what my most likely causes of death will be as a white, heterosexual, American male: a heart-related illness, colon cancer, or prostate cancer. All of those C.O.D.'s are directly related to the disgusting amount of animal products American men eat.

Why do men eat so many damned animals? Because they have been trained since birth to believe that masculinity and eating animal flesh are somehow related. They've been duped by campaigns with billions of dollars behind them. It's the same thing that caused them to smoke, the same thing that causes them to drink crap beer, and the same thing that gets them to buy big trucks they never really use (unless they're contractors or something).

When women redefined their role in our society (and continue to fight to do), men did not. Why should they have? They were the kings of castles, and their word was command, after all and for the most part. So they missed the boat. And now, men are still living like it's 1965. Women are communicating differently, having the right kinds of arguments about their gender identity, questioning what their role is in this millennium, and I think there's an underlying frustration with their counterparts who are behaving as if nothing has changed.

Well, I hope that there are more ads like this for all of our sake. Jake Shields is an MMA fighter who kicks a lot of ass and is undeniably masculine, even fitting into a stereotype of masculinity, a stereotype men are comfortable with, and he's vegetarian. That's extremely bad ass.


Adrian said...

Good post Jack. Pretty thought provoking for my big fat ass :) I have definitely cut my consumption of meat and need to do more of it, though I doubt I will ever completely cut it out.

Unknown said...

Wow I like it as well, I just saw that... My company name is actually Bad Ass Vegan LLC. I am looking to to do just that of a clothing line. Great post!!!

Sky Jack Morgan said...

Thanks guys. I want to know more about your company Big Sho!