Monday, March 29, 2010

We're Moving the Café

This weekend, I was unable to come to the benefit concert at the Blackfriars Playhouse because I was busy being manly, tearing the crap out of a bar so that we can put it in a big trailer hauled by Ford tough, good ol' Detroit muscle, and take it to a place where it will wait. It will wait until everything is finalized for the new space for our new bar.

It poured rain. Southern rainstorms are quite different from Western rainstorms, and I think about every rainstorm I've ever experienced every time there's another rainstorm. Maybe I'm romantic about that.

We found some tea pots that we loved in a small antique store, so look for those when the Darjeeling Café reopens in its new location.

We found new chairs. They are very pretty and have arms.

You are going to love the new Darjeeling Café. More on that later.

We drove our actor friend, Jamie, to the bus station so that he can go to DC for an audition. I hope he got the part. It was foggy and rainy on Afton mountain, and some people thought we shouldn't drive over it because people who live near mountains are afraid of fog and rain. We got him to the bus station at around 11:20pm, and his bus wouldn't leave until 4am. Life's hard like that sometimes.

It was a very full day.

Today was a very full day, too, but I can't say that I accomplished as much as I did yesterday, though working much harder. I just spent an hour, e.g., constructing a beautiful draft of an enewsletter in in-line CSS only to have it look shit on Outlook. KAAHHHHN!

Microsoft: still evil after all these years.

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