Friday, March 26, 2010

The Murder Bros.

I'm in a band now. We are called The Murder Bros. We play some BAMF covers of some of your favorite songs, but we also are working on original work. We have 7 original songs already!

I am deriving much more joy from being in a band than I thought was possible. I would say that I should have joined a band ages ago, but I don't think I was ready, and I didn't know how to play guitar ages ago, so I won't. I love being in a band. Here are eight reasons why.

  1. I am getting better at playing instruments because being around talented musicians inspires you and pushes you forward.
  2. I am able to use my poetic training and knowledge to write lyrics that are effective and enjoyable.
  3. I get to hang out with my band mates who are very cool people.
  4. I've always loved performing. Performing with a band is as good, if not better, with a band.
  5. Everyone thinks you're cool when they see you with a guitar case.
  6. Rock n' Roll is now all marketing. I know a lot about marketing and like to use my talents there.
  7. It's artistically fulfilling.
  8. It's just fun.

We are playing to have a good time, but I'd like to treat it like we're going to "make it." We want to make videos and Tshirts, and I even made a myspace for the band. I think our logo is bad ass (I made it).

I think you will love the Murder Bros., and I hope that you support this new adventure.


Cameron said...

that logo is bad ass.

Sky Jack Morgan said...

Thanks man. I like it a lot. Our band is bad ass, too! I want to put it on a shirt asap.