Monday, December 28, 2009

My Opening Statement to Council

This was my opening statement to Council on Wednesday:

I'd like to thank Council and the people of Staunton for allowing me to be heard and to apply to the position.

Every decision City Council makes affects no other generation more than my own. The young people who want to start businesses and families in Staunton are the future of this community, and I think it's time that more of us start taking an active role in shaping that future.

I love this city, and I hope that when my hair is gray and my beard is long I'll still be as active in the community here as I am today. But today, I am young. I am full of energy and fresh ideas and perhaps more hope and idealism than most of those who are more advanced in age and have applied for this job. But I'm not by any means alone, and I think that it's time my demographic, the builders and makers of things, and the risk-takers and investors in our future are more directly represented by City Council.

I think City Council has done a great job in several areas about which I care a great deal. But what better way to prove that Staunton City Council continues to look toward a brighter future even during trying times? What better way to advertise their commitment to progress and their duty to represent those whom are most affected by their decisions than to invite someone like me to serve with them?

I may have never worked on the school board or headed a controversial political organization, but I'm a quick study, and I would not let you down, if appointed, and I'll work my hardest toward a brighter tomorrow while addressing the difficult decisions of today.

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