Monday, June 22, 2009

Jack Morgan Eats Domino's Pizza and Doesn't Feel Gross about It

We ordered some pizza from Domino's. We got a Pacific Veggie, one of the "American Classics" so we could work and eat. I got my half without cheese. I'm sure the sauce has HFCS in it, and I'd bet the dough has something bad for me in it, too, but all in all, without the gross ass cheese Domino's usually puts on their pizzas, this thing was healthy and frakkin delicious.

I actually cannot believe how good this was. . . and I can't believe it came from Domino's of all places. I have been conditioned by their usual sub-par quality to be rather dubious of Domino's, but man! This time they've gotten something right. And now that I've been done with half a pizza for about an hour, I feel OK. I don't feel bloated and nasty like a ball of artificial mozzarella is rotting in my stomach. And it wasn't greasy. I feel like I am going to survive the cheap pizza encounter.

I highly recommend this course of action. I can't wait to order from Domino's again.

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