Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Sri Chinmoy Cult, Kristin Cavallari, and OC Sucks Bowls

stupid OC bitches
I was sitting on my stoop in Berkeley last week when a woman walked by and told me I should find out who was running shit. She said the criminals make everyone do what they do. She said if I wanted to find out who was making me sit like a bump on a log there, drinking my coffee and reading the morning away, I should go to chinmoycult.com. She handed me a little scrap of paper with the address on it. There is no one home at chinmoycult.com.

But check this out. Wikipedia is all messed up about it. Lots of controversy.

I'd never heard about this cult if it is a cult. Crazy that that lady went crazy on me in front of my house, though. Thanks crazy lady! I wish I were still in Berkeley right now.

I am in Orange County right now. Orange County is one of those places in which it seems that all the people you encounter are int he same cult.
It isn't the worst place in the world, but it's pretty bad. They have pretty beaches and women and libraries. The beaches really are some of the loveliest in the world, the women are usually brain-dead, and the libraries don't have enough parking. Everyone drives here. The restaurants all want you to eat crap. Coffee costs more than anywhere on Earth. Traffic makes you want to kill yourself. You cannot escape the sound of engines. You can't walk anywhere. I miss Berkeley very much.


Cameron said...

damn, i just spent an hour down the wiki rabbit hole starting with Sri Chinmoy

Jack Morgan said...

It's a trip worth taking, mang.

community prevention said...

sri chinmoy's wikipedia page features mother theresa, peacocks, and a jewel heist. i think i saw the word "tomfoolery" in it somewhere but can't be sure now.

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