Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Palin as President

woman screaming about Palin
This is fun for about four minutes, and then it makes you want to cry. will be updated every day until election day (Nov 4).
Then the site will remain as a chilly reminder of what might have been.

If Palin's ticket wins the election, the world will probably end more quickly than we thought it would. Nothing as bad as Sarah Palin has happened in politics in my lifetime.
If you thought Bush was bad, think again.

I'm beginning to think that the Republican party is just getting back at the audacity of Democrats like me, who thought a woman might be the next president. It's as if with one fell swoop they patched every one of those 18 million cracks. It's like Republicans never wanted to win in the first place. Palin sets women back 25 yrs. All the ground won, convincing the retards of the world that women are as capable of governance as men: obliterated. Palin is to women as "Deliverance" is to the South.

That Deliverance Link will probably ruin your day. Sorry. If you've seen the movie, you already know which clip it is and get my point.

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