Saturday, September 20, 2008

A Word about Honesty

The greatest thing about being honest is that it's easy to spot the liars, who scatter like roaches from the light of truth.


llllllmmmm said...


Do you have bi-polar disorder?

Sky Jack Morgan said...
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Sky Jack Morgan said...

I am actually rather constant and predictable, I think. My blog probably comes off a little like a pendulum, but I assure you that my life is anything but that. How could I get so much done if things were unstable? When you're unstable, you're unreliable. And since I strive to keep my life as stable as possible, I tend to cut out anything that is unreliable or flaky. That's not easy to do, so I often worry if I am doing the right thing. A lot of that worrying and the conclusions at which I arrive after thinking things through ends up here on this blog. The format might make it look like I am bouncing between extreme states, but I assure you that I am extremely healthy in body and mind.

Being around artists of all kinds throughout my life, I have seen how important mental health is, and I take it very seriously.

Another reason things might seem weird here on the Trainwreck blog is that I am in love. That tends to look weird to people who are not currently in the throes of romance.

Thanks for your concern!