Thursday, September 4, 2008

Podington Bear

Sometimes I think that I am the least knowledgeable of my friends when it comes to music because I lack the encyclopedic memory necessary to call up facts about drummers from obscure hipster bands, but I have to say that, as surprising as it may seem, I am way ahead of a lot of people I know on Podington Bear.

Podington Bear is a guy named Chad who lives in Portland. That's about as much as anyone knows, and even that is pretty newsworthy, as he has kept his identity shielded for a very long time. He publishes music he writes and arranges via a weekly podcast (iTunes) and his website I have been a subscriber for a while now, and his music, sometimes reminding me of Richard James's best moments and sometimes of my favorite viedeo game victories, is always fresh and interesting. And free! Plus, he has done amazing midi work with Beatles songs. All of it is worth a butcher's, mate.

When I talk about music, I always excpect everyone to be like "oh yeah, Jack Morgan, I already knew about that." I am sure I will get a couple emails this time like that. But if you haven't already heard of Podington, you should really check him out.

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