Tuesday, September 30, 2008

My Work Is Published in WORK 9!

Ten of my poems from the Haunting of Ninjatown are in the new issue of WORK.

Work is one of my favorite journals of poetry. They publish poets I really like, and I can't wait for all of you to check it out.

The Haunting of Ninjatown is a book of poetry by Jack Morgan. Someday it will be published in its entirety by someone who likes poetry that isn't like everyone else's, and people will call it avant-garde, and general existential despair will be lowered considerably. You can read a small portion of the book and feel a little better about life and poetry by purchasing or trading for a copy of WORK now! Why wait? Operators are not standing by, but David Harrison Horton will be waiting at his mailbox with trembling anticipation.


Jack Morgan said...

I'd call myself a genius but Lyn already did.

llllllmmmm said...

You know she says that to everyone who shows just a modicum of effort, right Jack?

Sky Jack Morgan said...

Did she ever say it to you?
The weird thing is that I have no memory of writing that comment. So bizarre.