Saturday, August 16, 2008

Chapbook Giveaway

*UPDATE* These books are gone. Better luck tomorrow!These are four chapbooks I like:
Tyler Carter's "New Place" has a nice cover and it is funny and "Twelve-thousand Miles Away a man removes a small rock from his shoe." Pierce Press: 2007
Jake Kennedy's "Hazard" is bright red, has some really great prose poems and a couple wonderful vizpo's, and "Her mother kills herself." Book Thug: 2006
Joseph Massey's "Out of Light" is pretty and fun book filled with short poems that are like missives from nature and "Dead barnacles abd gull shit grip the driftwood." Kitchen Press: 2008
Hugh Behm-Steinberg's "Sorcery" is kind of weird, filled with prose columns next to pictures of strange things, and "Twills are loomed in a series of small steps."
This package will also include a copy of WORK no. 7 from Union Herald.

Email me your address, and you get all four! I think you will like them.
I put a free book box on College Avenue in Berkeley today. People went to it like crazy. I am looking forward to having more and more empty spaces in my life.

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