Monday, June 2, 2008

What Are You Going To Do Now?!

Jack MorganI took this picture of myself when I finished my second thesis. I think it's hilarious because I don't think I felt as tired as I looked. I wrote two of them! Can you believe that? I remember when all of my friends were writing theirs last year, and I thought, "how could an honors thesis be so hard?" I now have to say that the people who were complaining so much are kind of losers in my eyes now. I mean. . . I did two of them. Give me a break. I don't want to laugh at people's shortcomings because I have many of them, but I scoff at their inadequacy. *scoff* These people are my contemporaries? These people the future teachers and leaders of America? Seriously?

I am swaggering a bit more than usual today because all of my grades are in. I graduated from UC Bekeley with a 4.0, and I earned an A+ on my German honors thesis. Just an A on my English honors thesis. The grades don't matter much in the end because most people who finish the race get high scores. And it is only a race with yourself, an endurance test.
But I ran two races in the time it takes most people to finish one.
This week is all about Shakespeare. I am going to Ashland to see Coriolanus, Othello, A Midsummer Night's Dream, and Comedy of Errors. Should be really great. I have been looking forward to going for a long time. I have never been to the Ashland festival. I guess a lot of people who grew up in Nor Cal go there as children, but it's my first time, and I am as excited about going as I was when I went to Disneyland way back when.


llllllmmmm said...
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Bryan Coffelt said...

You're coming to Ashland?

You should meet up with Alex Burford, Jess Rowan and I for drinks or something. We all live together in Ashland.

Sky Jack Morgan said...

Oh, Lucas, if you're not going to swagger once in a while, what's the point in learning how to walk?

Bryan, let's meet today or tomorrow. Would be great. Check your facebook.