Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Kendra Malone

I just finished a long, hectic, and kinda crappy day. I am feeling good about it being over. I wanted to say what I meant about Kendra's work. I couldn't earlier. Sorry.

I enjoy Kendra's work and work like Kendra's because I enjoy my own difficulty with describing and defining the authentic. Since all writing is artifice, it is thrilling to read something that seems quite real.

Jennifer Best used to write a blog that I liked very much due to its being convincingly authentic. I think she may have created a Golem that she had to destroy before it destroyed her. Things that are too close to reality have a way of smashing their creaters.

Authenticity allows the reader to be forgiving and judgmental and curious all at the same time. It also empowers the reader in that it creates an imaginable experience while keeping him at a safe distance. I mean that authenticity like the kind found in Kendra's "journal" emboldens us to get dangerously close to the flame but never close enough to burn our wings, and it constantly reminds us that we might. The danger is all on Kendra, and I hope that she is never squished under the heel of her own honesty because I am selfish and want more of it.

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Kendra Grant Malone said...

oh thank you so much for the kind words!

quirky? yeeesh. aaaaand im not that little. on the little side of medium i think. more so, you are very tall.

but again, thanks for reading buddy.