Friday, June 20, 2008

Communing with Angels

I get one of those google blog updates so that every time someone uses the words Jack and Morgan together on a blog, I know about it. Most people call me Jack Morgan in person. I like my full name more than my first name alone. People are like, "hey Jack Morgan!"
Today one of those blogs caught my eye for some reason, I think it had the word poetry in it or something, so I went to the blog and spent all morning there. I am fascinated by
people who live normal American lives and go to church and have families who they openly and loudly love.
I am not sure that my parents and I have much more than a vague notion of responsibility for one another. If we love each other, and I think we might, it's a very secret love that no one's allowed to know about. And since I went to religious schools for a while due to their having before and after school daycare, I knew some religious people.
I spent a lot of time laughing at Morgan's Blog. It wasn't a mean laugh, but a laugh that some men make when they want to express their disbelief in something cute that makes them feel a way they don't really comprehend. You know that feeling when you think that something's cute? Fuzzy I guess it's called? I don't know how to express that emotion, so I laugh when I think something's cute. I once knew a girl who hated that because she said that men always laughed at her when all she wanted to do was be taken seriously. She was extremely cute. I am very fortunate to have grown tall and a little ugly. People always take me seriously––sometimes too seriously.
But there is something eerie about Mormons, no? They commune with the dead and don't drink. Any religion that is against the drink is no good. But they seem so happy. I would like to be that happy. I would also like to commune with the dead and see angels.
Yesterday, I blogged about water. I saw that Kendra Malone commented on a post. I put on my Tao Lin shirt because it was clean. I found Mike Young's book in my mailbox. I read it all, and it mentions Kendra on the last page. I went home and watched the news. East Bay MUD says we've only reduced our water consumption by 4% when the mandate was 15%. I realized I was having a weird day.
I worked on websites. I realized that my friends are more indispensable than any friends I have ever had and probably more indispensable than most people's friends. I don't cry on their shoulders or call them and whine about things, but I count on them for more important things, like machine guns.
I went out with a lovely woman to see Beowulf at the Grand Ashby. I had wanted to hang out with her for a long time, and I'm glad that we finally were able to. We almost didn't because she nearly missed curtain. Ann is nice and smart and takes me too seriously. Her friend called and wanted to cry on her shoulder. Ann loves her friends.
There is something rather angelic about Ann. I am not exactly sure what it is. I like people that are hard to figure out.

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