Sunday, May 11, 2008

Some Stuff

I know that I am missing something. There's no need to remind me. I see the way other people are and the way they look at each other when the sun is shining and they're eating ice cream on College Ave. with their dogs who wag their tails at each other. How they call each other on the telephone and smile at each other through the ether.

On Friday, Robert Hass, Brenda Hillman, Bill Berkson, and Maxine Chernoff read poems at the De Young Museum in SF Golden Gate Park. It was very good. Bill Berkson gave the reading of his life. . . or at least he gave the best reading I have seen him do and one of the best I have seen anyone give. I crashed Robert Hass's party, and I walked around the museum with him and one of his classes while he spoke about certain paintings that he knew about or liked. It was a pretty great experience, and I am lucky to have friends like Cameron, and I am lucky that someone like Robert Hass seems to not hate me.
I used to think he hated me because of the dean thing and because of all the police stuff and the BPR stuff, which is all the same stuff, and now I feel stupid about it because he never hated me.

Tonight I am reading at Pegasus Books Downtown, 2349 Shattuck Ave, in Berkeley.

Janet Hardy
Sara Mumolo
Lukas Champagne
Jack Morgan
V.E. Grenier

Thats who's reading. It starts at 7:30.
Should be magical.

I almost didn't get out of bed today, but then I remembered this reading. So now I am up and excited. Won't you get excited and get out of bed and come to the show?

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Sky Jack Morgan said...

I realize now that I forgot to mention Paul Hoover, who also read at the De Young. Sorry Paul.