Sunday, April 27, 2008

Transbay Expression

Yesterday I took the ferry with Vince and Ryan to San Francisco, where we had drinks and walked from the wharf to North Beach. I kind of like the wharf. It's filled with tourists and is very crowded, but it doesn't feel as crammed and hectic as Times Square in New York even though it kind of is. Beer cost $6.50 at a place called Jack's there, and although they have some breweries on tap that are hard to find elsewhere, like Strongbow, I can't ever ever ever think it's all right to pay $6.50 for a beer, even if they have one of my favorite pinball machines in the world in really good shape there.

I also like North Beach. At Columbus Cafe on Green St., their happy hour is buy one get one free. And a beer costs $5. It's kind of a dark place on a beautiful afternoon, but that's OK because you can take lots of breaks to step outside.

Then I went to the Grand Ashby to see the Shotgun Players perform Mrs. Warren's Profession. I absolutely loved it. Emily Jordan was a beautiful and delightful Vivie Warren and Steve Decker is a genius, making a set that impossibly turned a small space into a whole world. Remarkable all around. The artwork for the Shotgun Player shows is phenomenal and makes me want to see everything I can there.

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