Friday, April 4, 2008

Readings, Readings, and Reading.

I don't like it when people say "but I like his stuff on paper" after a reading, but now I have to say it. I don't understand how a good writer can be a bad reader. If you believe the words you've written, or if you care about them, you will read them as such. If you just throw away every line like they don't matter, why should they matter to an audience? Why would I buy your book and invest my time in it if you obviously don't think it's worth that investment?

Zachary Mason's THE LOST BOOKS OF THE ODYSSEY is a trip. I liked what I read of it very much. But when he read his work at Pegasus on Wednesday, I was disappointed. I don't think he's doing his work any favors by reading it like a bad lecturer. The fact that his work is so good just makes it more frustrating.

Last night was MAPPY hour at the Red Poppy. Fun was had by all in preparation for MAPP, which is the Saturday! MAPP is one of my favorite things that happens in the Bay. Jack Morgan and Sara Mumolo are having an event featuring some great poets, writers, and musicians at L's Caffe, 2871 24th st. between Bryant and Florida. I hope you can make it.Chad Sweeney, Della Watson, Valyntina Grenier, Ann Svilar, Sharon Zetter, Hello Handsome, Bull.

I bet you want to go to a reading tonight. What else is there to do on a Friday? You're in luck: there's a reading at Pegasus!

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