Thursday, April 17, 2008

Funny Poem About Children and Robots


The children said
something funny about robots
it was something like the time
when we all stood still,
like manikins at Macy’s,
that red star always gets me, Robinson,
hiding from security,
Will Robinson May
ever get out of danger?
Five times the children shouted.

“Why robots? Why do you
mock us crestfallen
children of utopia,
with hideous tremors,
ticking clock gears,
claws tickling our soft sides,
the second star to the right,
straight on ‘til morning,
when we would wait for days
for our proper stars,
the candles of sweethearts,
and wise Diana,
whose modesty’s her treasure,
from the likes of hunters,
red-eyed monsters,
slaves and savages?”

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