Sunday, April 13, 2008


Jennifer B said...

peta is such a disgrace.

Sky Jack Morgan said...

OMG. Not a disgrace!

I am the cutest vegetarian on Earth though, so it's a bit fruitless to have such competitions.

savage pig barn said...

Samuel likes to remember songs from commercials

is always smiling,
loves photography,
and can't spell to save
his life.

People know this lifeguard is a trendsetter-

And, he's random! (so he says.)

savage pig barn said...

Leonard says "it's not fair to eat animals [just] because we can." Leonard likes to buy organic and fair-trade products

savage pig barn said...

Zach says he wanted to make a difference in this world by doing his part.

Sky Jack Morgan said...

Paul says he decided he didn't want eat meat anymore after a person broke into his house and forced him to eat his cat and subsequently shot himself in the face on the front lawn.

Police say it was a random tragedy.
Paul is making the most of it by sparing animals the torture he endured.

savage pig barn said...

specifically, sparing animals the torture of having to eat other animals. the offer didn't take. please collect your door prize and enjoy the haircut.