Thursday, March 27, 2008

What Would a Week Be Without Drama?

I travel a lot. Or, I have traveled a lot. I've thought a lot about the word travel. It comes from travail, and for a while it meant the same thing as travail, that is to laboriously overcome. Sometimes when you travail, there are people along the way who help you. Sometimes the way beset with people who are bent toward your destruction. Sometimes the people who you'd never expect to come to your rescue appear to save the day. Sometimes the people you always thought you could count on are the ones who put out their cigarettes in your palms while you're sleeping.

The cliché is that those are the breaks, and it is a cliché because it's true.

I decided to escape a situation with dignity. I walked out on a person I thought was a friend. I walked out on a person I thought was different and honest and things like that. But I was wrong.

Someone once told me that my poetry was like I was opening my ribcage for everyone. I don't know if that's true. But I feel like I pretty much put everything out there to be scrutinized by even the most anti-Jack-Morgan knaves. And I take a lot hits. I take a lot of hits.
But there are a few people who can really mess with me, who can really twist the knife, and one of those is the person who threw me under the bus this time round.

I'll be staying in Brooklyn awhile. I've found a little place in a nineteenth century brownstone where I will stay. Then, other friends are looking out for me, finding a place to put me.

In fact,
just now I got a call from Myriah, who is Sharon Zetter's friend, who is my friend, who use to live in New York but lives in California now. Whew. Everything is getting better. It's still raining, and I have a long walk, but hey; that's not too bad. I love being a writer sometimes. Writers seem to look out for each other when the chips are really down.

Really, though, a week without drama would be a weak in the life of someone else. I love my drama more than macaroni. It makes me remember a lot of things that are important.

Lose a friend, make a friend I guess. I am sad. And my heart is broken in more than one place. But those are the breaks.

I have to go quickly. I will blog later happier.

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