Sunday, March 9, 2008

Jack Morgan is a Happy Person

This is a picture of Jack Morgan and friends inside of Jack London's Rendezvous, Heinold's First and Last Chance Saloon on the third leg of the Birthday Bash Adventure. These handsome party animals look like they are having a great time. I think we're all racially diverse on the insides, which is something I don't think about until I see pictures of other people in groups at parties and they are all the same race.

Jason Bolton (right) asked me what the proportions of my blood were between German and Irish. I said I didn't know. Morgan is a Welsh name according to the interwebs. And Jack is based on my real name, John, which means "the lord is gracious." John baptised Jesus. And John the apostle was Jesus's most beloved. Seems strange for Jesus to play favorites, but that's the way it goes with the Lord Our Savior, strrrrange. Morgan means sea-born. My name has nothing to do with being Irish or German. Probably, like most Americans, I am more of a mutt than I will ever know.

Also strange is that blood quantification is only used on animals and Native Americans. Native American blood quantification is still very important, but now it's more fun for the tribes than for anyone else. Nowadays if you want some of that casino money, you have to prove you are Indian enough. Tribes use the deplorable system created by the US government establish applicants' Indian-ness. No one ever did that to the Irish or Germans or anyone else, so I don't have an answer for Jason Bolton. Really, I can say I'm whatever I want, and people will just have to believe me.

I am 1/32 happy and 1/64 unalone.


MN said...

MN said...

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Sky Jack Morgan said...

Measuring blood mixture makes me a little sick to my stomach. The one drop rule is a little bit different, but equally disgusting.

Blood proportioning is particularly offensive because it is still in use and it is the exact same system used for animal breeding.

Since we all know that race doesn't actually exist, the only differences we have are cultural, which are the kind we can learn about and celebrate. You can claim any culture you identify with. Once we start naming cultures, it gets tricky, but a straight person can be part of gay culture without being gay, and a black person can be part of Asian culture without being Asian or even being accepted by the other people in that culture. But, like I said, the names get tricky.