Thursday, March 6, 2008

Birthday Blogging. Please Leave Me Birthday Wishes.

Have you ever been like, "man, I wish I could somehow be a part of the poetry scene, but I don't write poetry, and I hate poets"? Have you ever thought, "man I kind of wish I could be featured on the Trainwreck blog"? Have you ever pondered, "hmmm, I sure would like to leave hate voicemail for Jack Morgan, but I don't want Jack Morgan to have my phone number"?

WELL!!!! Now you can!!!!

In the sidebar is a button that says GRAND CENTRAL on it. The company is owned by Google now, so you know it's safe.

Today is Jack Morgan's birthday. You can leave Jack Morgan birthday wishes free online. Then I will listen to them. Maybe then I will post them. It will be funny and fun. Please do it!


cs said...

Happy Birthday! I'd love to leave you Grand Central wishes, but my nose is all stuffed up still and I will sound funny. What's the plan for tomorrow?

Sky Jack Morgan said...

¡¡¡it's better if you sound funny!!!

Blackman said...

Happy Birthday Jack. Have a drink or two for me tonight.