Monday, March 10, 2008


I don't like most of what I've read of Billy Collins or Robert Pinsky, but some of what they've written kicks some ass. I think I agree with their politics and the way they see the function and value of poetry in society. Please stop bashing them, poetry people.

That goes for Slam Poetry, too. It is not an inferior art form. Saul Williams is a genius. Spoken word is not something to make fun of. Pick something harder if you want to make fun of something. What's with the soft targets anyway?

Why not criticize and condemn your peers so that poetry might actually become what it once was? Dynamic. Maybe after you've shown a little hubris, people might consider you an artist.

Toughen up. It's a rough world, little poets.


Cameron said...

I think there isn't enough bashing of Billy Collins. Perhaps there should be a blog put up where people can come by and bash at will. Robert Pinsky is in no way Billy Collins. He is a much better poet and his translation of Dante is pretty awesome. Saul Williams is great. Billy Collins is like the 1990's version of Norman Rockwell for poetry, except Rockwell had alot of technical ability. Sheet. A funny story: yesterday I was at a book store and a lady was getting a stool to get at a book on the top shelf. Galantly, I offered my services of height and reach. I asked her what she would like me to grab. She told me Billy Collins. I refused. At first she didn't understand. "Oh, can't reach it, thats ok." She said to me. "No, I can reach it, I just don't aid people in reading bad poetry." I asked her if she wanted anything different, and she said no. End scene.
When I am in hell, they will have poetry readings by Billy Collins and Jewel, eight nights a week. Gnashing of teeth.

Jennifer B said...

Funny you mention Saul Williams. I just saw in the paper that he's coming to Montreal. I've always wanted to see Slam Poetry, and Saul Williams in particular, live.

Sky Jack Morgan said...

Billy Collins is more like Pinsky than Jewel.
I am going to blog about this right now.

I wish I could visit Montreal and see Saul Williams. I saw him at SXSW a few years ago.. . a highlight for certain.