Sunday, February 17, 2008

Slide or Die

One of my favorite artists for a while now has been Audrey Kawasaki. She has a show on right now in L.A., and I wish I could go to it. I just found out she has a Live Journal. I wish I could have one of her pieces. I wish I had money to buy art. All I have on my walls is my own stuff, and posters and postcards from art shows I've been to. I only have two pieces from artist friends. I wish Audrey Kawasaki were my friend. I would hang her paintings on my wall and buy her coffee and gin and I would go to her openings, and she would come to my readings, and everyone would think we were the coolest people in the world.

Life is hard.

I have a new fish. His name is Othello. He can't replace Dropsy, but it's nice to have a fish again. I am pretty bad with plants, but I have a good track record with pets. I need to have something living with me.

I just added another fish and named it Desdemona.
You are special and important.
A couple days ago, I read some K. Silem Mohammad in a class to people who had never heard of him or flarf. It's weird to me that there are people out there completely ignorant of poetry. These are people in a 20th century German poetry class. They obviously have interest. They all like poetry, but none of them are aware that people are still writing it. One kid in the class said he knows about New Yipes, but only went to the Grenier reading. I go to every reading I can because I am weird, but there are all sorts of people who are into poetry that have no idea that anything has gone on since the Beats. That would be like reading/watching Shakespeare and not knowing that plays are still things people write, read, and go to see.

It makes me angry.

From now on, if you don't know the name of a living poet, don't talk to me.

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