Friday, February 1, 2008

Politics. Sorry.

Tomorrow is MAPP. I hope that any of you can make it out.

This is interesting. 53 places to go.

Last night, I went out drinking. I felt really good last night.


I feel like everyone in the primary is talking bullshit. It is the first election in my life that I have no interest in. I keep reading the articles about the primary and end each one rolling my eyes. In five years, regardless of who gets elected, people will still be dying of curable ailments due to a lack of universal health care, people will still be dying senselessly in a senseless war in Iraq, people will still be working in positions that have nothing to do with their skill sets due to the absence of manufacturing jobs, it will be harder to buy a house or start a family, and everyone will still blame Mexico for all of our problems while purchasing their newest China-made fashion accessories. Everyone will still have iPods, and they will still download their movies. Everyone will still feel oppressed.

It's not that I don't think things can change. I am not fatalistic, but apathetic. I care less because none of the candidates seem to actually give a shit about America, American people, or anything else beside achieving a career goal. They all seem to really want to be president. But why do they want to be president?

Nixon was in love with politics. He loved it so much, the only thing he could have been is president of the United States. He's the only president that could have gone to China. He was the only one who could have ended the Vietnam war. He loved the political game more than anything else in life, and he was good at it. But he wasn't a very good president. Loving the game, he was like an athlete. But like an athlete, when people looked to him for someone to care about their situation or even as a moral compass or role model, he was just a guy who knew how to slam dunk.

Carter seemed to want to help people. He still wants to help people. I think he thought he was a good politician, too, but he wasn't. He couldn't navigate the political situations well enough to actually get to help people. He was the opposite of Nixon. The oil crisis in the 70's made gas prices very high. He thought Americans would vote their consciences, he thought they would understand that we couldn't rely on foreign oil, he thought they would rather avoid future wars, come up with a viable alternative to petroleum, and learn to live with the temporary discomfort of high prices at the pump. But they didn't. He was a good man who couldn't rough-play with the big bullies of capitalism. He also had more faith in the American people than is allowed.

Reagan was a con-man who sold Americans a smile and a wink and a dream that voodoo would save the day. He understood that Americans wanted money. He gave it to them. He gave it to everyone who knew how to lick a stamp. Anyone who had a voice got paid. Everyone who didn't got the shaft. But everyone knew it wouldn't last. Even George Bush.

George Bush seemed like he gave a shit. He had dedicated his entire life to public service and private industry. He knew how to kick ass and turn a buck. He should have been the best president ever. Instead, all he did was kick ass and turn bucks for his friends. Americans got screwed, and nothing really happened besides a bunch of people dying in a country no one had ever heard of. That Ollie North stuff was fun, too.

Bill Clinton was almost perfect. He was born to be president. He got a lot done in a political climate that was unbelievably hostile. If he had had a democratic congress, American people would probably be enjoying some the same freedoms and rights that Europeans take for granted. They called him Slick Willy because the filthy republican swines couldn't hit him with anything strong enough to topple him. They upped the effort and finally bested him, but eight years of peace and prosperity were awesome!

The current president is funny. Eight years ago, no one believed me that he would go down as a the worst president in history.

John Edwards was the only one this time round who maybe gave two shits about American people and the people of the world and how American policy effects them. He left the race before it started, really, but I'll still vote for him. I guess I'll be voting for Obama come November. But for a guy running on change, I don't think much will. McCain might win because there just might be enough people in this country who are scared enough or racist enough to vote for him. That would make me sad, but I don't think it would change much.

I care about the environment, unemployment, health care, and education. They're pretty common issues to care about. I don't think, though, despite their mentioning them, that the likely candidates do.


Glenn Ingersoll said...

Vote for Mitt. He's the only one you can count on for Conservative Change!

Sky Jack Morgan said...

haha. That's funny. I am voting today because it is my civic duty.