Monday, January 28, 2008

A Lot's Been Goin'n On, and I have no Complaints, but I have a good excuse, and I am sorry.

Hello everyone! My internet has been horrible lately. I have been leaching off a neighbour, and they have had the audacity to install security measures that have left me high and dry.

I want to say that the Sorry for Snake Reading was like, sooooooo, fun. And Logan gave Mumolo and me tons of Transmission goodies, which we liked very much because we love free things, especially free poems. The John Sakkis one had a wonderful cover, and the Jerk poem by Lasky in Small Town was like a brick through my midtown Manhattan window in a snow storm for fun. That means that Mumolo and I loved it. We hope that Logan Ryan Smith will find it in his heart to invite us to his classy, fancy-pants box seats at the next Giants game.

Hillary Gravendyk was wonderful and got the best compliment of her life from a stranger that night, who said she was her new favorite poet. Brenda Hillman was there, and said she thought Hillary was a phenomenal poet. Sara and I loved her reading, and we love her.
MAPP is coming up! February 2! We have a great lineup that I cannot believe. Holy Crap! Jack Morgan and Sara Mumolo have done it again!!!
Also! I designed a new flyer for Nathaniel Mackey's reading for Holloway, which is much more serious now.


The Mystery Cupcake said...

thisis one of my favorte covers yet. fantastic color choices.

John Sakkis said...

hi jack,

glad you liked the cover, me too...i was the dude with the flippy cap all up in the corner with my uncle angelos sakkis. congrats on the mag and the reading.