Monday, January 21, 2008

Document ... Old New Yipes

Octopus Books put out a chapbook by Ana Bozievic-Bowling called Document, and it a beautiful little thing with a die-pressed cover that opens like a box of treasure. I bought it about a week ago, and at first I was afraid that what was inside the treasure box might not be as good as the box itself. But I've read it a few times now gleefully.

I mean this chapbook really is a treat. Bozievic-Bowling writes about things like nightingales and flowers and holds them next to things like war and and "petite violences" so that the flowers become wars and the nightingales "break the wall of sound." The metamorphosis occurs in a way that is exciting and miraculous because you can't see it coming, but it's the only way things could have gone, so you're just left in awe like a kid at a magic show.

I don't mean to go over the top on this, but I totally loved this chapbook.

You can buy it here if you're interested, which I hope you are.

Last night's New Yipes was bitter sweet. The films by Kota Ezawa and David Berezin were fantastic. There were two about Simpsons, both kinds, but it was a cartoon of O.J., and an absence of Bart and fam. The rest were genius, too. Also, Lauren Gudath read her poetry which was very good and enjoyable. I liked it. But it was David Larsen's last night.

David Larsen, even though I don't think any of his other friends like me, has always been cool with me. I think he is a good person, and I envy his talent. I hope he finds luck and success in his next steps as a scholar and poet and artist. I joke a lot about being a scholar and gentleman, but he really is one, and he'll be missed by many.

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