Friday, January 4, 2008

Captain's Log

To those of you who have noticed my absence, thank you.
Things have been great. Without much poetry stuff going on, I have been able to pick up the pieces of what I have left of a life and do some really nice things, like looking up obscure facts on Wikipedia.

New Year's Eve remains my favorite holiday. It is the only one I celebrate, if you didn't know. I went with a large group of friends to the embarcadero in San Francisco and watched the fireworks over the Bay Bridge. Then I met a cool new person who was wounded but happy. I am always afraid that new people will read my poetry somewhere or google me and think that I am weirder than I am.

Last night, in order to fill the poetic void, we had a living room reading. Poets brought work and wine, and we all shared, and we all cared, and we all thought about important things and pretended to be important, too.

There are many plans for 2008. It is looking like it will be a fantastic year. The first plan is the Sorry for Snake reading happening at Pegasus this month, 24 January, starring a great friend and poet, Hillary Gravendyk and a poet whose work I've only just now discovered and like very much, Logan Ryan Smith.

I am going to New York for AWP and to see friends right after the reading. How cool is that?

So, happy New Year. I hope that you will come to the Sorry for Snake reading, and I hope that you meet your new goals and/or resolutions, and I hope that no one thinks you're a weirdo just because you're an artist.


Jennifer B said...

happy new year mr morgan. the living room reading with poetry and wine sounds like a great time. someone should start that around here.

Sky Jack Morgan said...

It is a great thing to do... plus, the easiest type of reading to organize.