Saturday, December 15, 2007


Humuhumu, inspired me to take Mumolo to the Tonga Room for happy hour. Many a time have I been in the city and wanted to go there, but only this Thursday was able to partake in their pretty good mai tais and tiki-tiki thunderstorms. Tiki lounges are cool because they feel like they are far away from where you live.

This was after SFMOMA, which had the best exhibits that I have seen there for a very long time, including a car made of ice. It reminded me of my heart.

After the Tonga Tiki Room, we went to the fiction readings at the LAB and Adobe Books. We only got to Adobe Books in time to hear the ending of a story, but that was okay because Sona Avakian had already made the evening worthwhile with her fantastic story, which is currently in Instant City.
Yesterday, Sorry for Snake Issue 2 was proofed and finalized. It will be available very soon. Like this Sunday even!!! Sorry for Snake does not make great gifts for Christmas or Chanukah.

And we even sat for another session for our portrait being painted by Liz Howe! WOW!
I have been single for over a year now. Sometimes flings look like they will be turn into relationships, but they haven't. It's not that I get bored easily, but I find many people boring.

I would like to have a girlfriend. Someone who is preferably neither a poet nor rich nor painfully stupid. Know anyone?

I am thinking about going back to old ideas I used to have about things like this.

Many people make fun of me for wanting a girlfriend. Schopenhauer, for example.
I like this and this. Don't tell anyone. Especially not Arthur.

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