Thursday, November 15, 2007

So Much to Do. Mata Hari.


I didn't get any emails about the exoticism. Either no one cares about it like I do, which is nothing new--I find myself caring about all sorts of things that others don't, or everyone agrees with me. Greta Garbo played Mata Hari in the movie. I haven't seen it.

Today, I will be in Macbeth all day. I can't believe how much time goes into this art called theater. Every art takes a lot of time, but this is pretty crazy. I spend a lot of time on poems and designing posters, so I am used to the hours, I guess, but with theater, it's 25 people in a room for three to seven hours at a time! I guess some workshops are like that. . . anyway, if you try to keep up more than one art, you are not going to sleep very often. If you go for a third, forget about it. Our first show is today at 3:30pm in 125 Morrison Hall. I am MacDuff, the Thane of Fife.

Tonight is also the last Holloway reading. So far there have been two language poets, Rae Armantrout and Ted Pearson, and a beat poet, Amiri Baraka. Tonight Rachel Levitsky will round out the season with contemporary experimental poetry. I have read a lot of her work and love it love it love it; therefore, I am extremely anxious to see her. I will be running off the stage to see her in the Maude Fife room, 316 Wheeler Hall at 6:30. I think that this reading will be well worth the jog.

This Saturday is the Sorry for Snake reading at 7:30 at Pegasus. It is gong to be an incredible reading. I can't wait for it. William Moor and Jenny Drai will be reading. They are two of my favorite poets. They are both my friends. I met them under very similar circumstances. After their readings, Jenny at 580 split, and William at New Yipes, I approached them to say how much I liked their reading.

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