Sunday, November 11, 2007

The Time You May So Hoodwink

People ask me when I sleep. I say, "when I can." People ask me when I work or read. I say, "when I can."

For many people, sleepless nights are romantic. They think that every hour you spend awake is productive. People think people like me sty up on purpose to get things done. This is not remotely true.

The truth is I stay awake reading and writing things that have nothing to do with course work. I also try to spend my free time with the smartest people I can find.

Recently a smart person asked me about the way I allot my time. She was spending the day with me. She saw me mark off things on my white board to-do list . She saw how many emails I have to deal with. She saw how much time a poster takes to finally finish and how long I anguish over poems.

Spending time with smart people is more valuable than anything you will get in lecture. Reading what you want is more valuable than reading anything others want you to.

I don't go to class if I have nothing to contribute. In fact, I seldom go any place where I can't contribute anything. If I haven't done the reading, I don't go to class. If I am not useful, I feel worthless. This standard effects everything I do. Thus, I make time. When do I read? Night. In order to better myself and to better my ability to contribute.

When do you write?
I am always writing. Pay attention, and you'll see me writing ideas in little books and napkins everywhere I go.
I read them later.


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