Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Down? Don't Be!

by Jack Morgan

But don't look so glum. Things are going to be OK!
It didn't go so well for Gelsomina.
Go and get your portrait painted.
Go and get your picture painted.

Go make friends with matrons of the arts,
who clown around with you in winter.
Smile into black coat collars.
Smile into black coat collars.

Go run round town making pictures
with your favorite favorite friend,
and it'll be OK. Fall's fallen.

So last night I got my portrait painted. It's still unfinished, but I like it very much.

Seriously, if you're feeling down, you should hang out with a girl who dresses up like Gelsomina and sit for a portrait with your best friend and at least four bottles of cheap wine. Then write poetry about it.
Fall is over, really, as far as can see today. And there are so many lovely people in the world, including Elizabeth Howe, who is the cupcake princess who is painting us into immortality. Why be a mopey dopey poet?
This is my recipe to a better life in the arts.

Do you know how many great bottles of Cabernet Sauvignon they have at Trader Joe's for under five bucks?
At least 4.

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