Monday, October 29, 2007

Readings Coming Up

Amiri Baraka and Michael Bigley are reading at UC Berkeley this Wednesday as part of the Holloway Series in Poetry. I am a little giddy about seeing Amiri Baraka. He is supposed to be a thrilling reader, and I enjoy his poetry very much. Wholly excited about Wednesday. It's kind of an early reading, so you should come in your costume if there are parties to get to after it, which I am sure there are. I think it will be worth stopping in before Hallowe'en actually starts.

There's also a reading at Pegasus on Tuesday that has something to do with Found Magazine. The Eyeball Hatred Reading Series is always a good time, so even though I have no idea what will happen at the Found Magazine reading, I remain curious and optimistic, and I am planning on going.

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