Monday, October 29, 2007


Do you think this is cool? I think Oekandana is kind of fun. It reminds me a little of Flarf, though. People are having a good time letting machines write their poetry for them.

I always feel like machines are cool, but kind of empty. Some people like style and some people like substance. Some people like both. Sometimes a style can trick you into believing something is substantive.

I like iPhones. I kind of want an iPhone. But I would take the street busker over whatever the iPhone can put into my ears, and I don't think it's nostalgia. If an iPhone could generate a poem that would approximate one written by a human being, I think I would feel empty. Maybe it could trick me for a little while, but when I found out it was just a machine, I would feel foolish and hollow.

I am attached to my computer. I have been attached to computers for much of my life. But this is due to a perpetual state of novelty. Always, the newest and fastest and coolest is what we want. Novelty is fleeting. Thus, I think computers make only mediocre poets.

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