Monday, September 10, 2007

Love/Hate Right on the Knuckles.

Tonight was kind of a yawn.
I had an OK time after the reading, but I was kind of worn out by then.
A couple of my friends walked out during the first reader. I stayed for some reason.
At the Mackey reading on Friday, there was a strange noise. "mn, mn, mn, mn!!" That kind of humming a-ha that people do when they have been touched by something profound.
I had heard it before. She does it all the time. Every time a poet pauses, she does it. It drives me freaking mad. I have tried to be nice about this. I have been to three of her readings, and I have been to many readings where I've seen her and have tried to sit as far away from her as possible, but I never blogged about it because I didn't want to be unjustly mean or needlessly rude. But this is too much; I was sitting eight or nine rows away from her at the Mackey reading! So, I am writing a letter to her.
I don't have her address, so it will appear here.
**************** *** * ••• •***
I bought Richard Hugo's collected works tonight at Clay's. I hope to never blog about him (Hugo, not Clay) because I secretly love/hate him.

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Pirate Poet said...

You are a fucking coward.