Monday, August 27, 2007

New Yipes, Lab Poetry Marathong, and Thoughts about Mills People

Last night's New Yipes was very fun, and how.
I don't usually go in for prose readings. I love novels and everything, but hearing someone else read them is often rather boring. Stephen Beachy was not in the least bit boring. His work was good, and it ended somewhere I did not see coming. I thought the ending was exciting. It was like I had been lulled a bit and then smashed in the face with talk of war and violence. I liked that very much. I like being smashed in the face with almost anything.

I wore a bandanna. Sara Mumolo gave it to me.

Martha XIV was phantabulous. I dug the videos so much this time out that I wanted to give up serious literature and start making videos. Watching people eat corn can do that to a man.

Lara Durback did a great deal with recorded sound and white poker chips. Her nervous laughter was endearing, and the whole avant-garde-performance-reading thing was well received by all, methinks.


I like talking to people at New Yipes. But last night was a little cliquey. People who go to or have gone to Mills don't like anyone. They are mean people I think. They never invite anyone to their readings. Well, they never invite anyone I know to their readings. I like the Mills people. But they don't like me. I always try to talk to them, but they don't talk to me or anyone I know. I think they think they are the CIA or something. They make fun of every other school in the area. I don't understand this. I somehow ended up at the other end of the alley, so I couldn't say hello to everyone without being rude to the people I was with. None of the Mills people came to say hello to me. They are always saying absurdly malicious things about UC Berkeley, too. All this hurts my feelings. What is up with Mills people?


The night before that I went to the Lab Poetry Marathon. I have seen Lisa Robertson read the same ten or so pages from THE MEN four times now I think. I hope that some day she writes/reads something new. I like Lisa Robertson. I want something new, though. Judith Goldman, Andrew Joron, and Denise Newman were good. I sat down next to Andrew Joron, and he said hello to me, and we talked a bit. He must have gone to a school where people have manners.

That was not nice. Many nice people go to Mills or have gone to Mills. Many of them even have manners. I just wish more of them were nice to my friends and me. It is nice to be nice, after all.


Olalekan said...
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Megan said...

all readings are boring, unless you are involved in a love triangle with the reader.

i don't know who the mills people are, but i agree that they are bastards.

Unknown said...

hi, i'm a mills person. i'm not mean, just socially awkward. OR, my other theory, is that everyone else is socially awkward (especially poets). i, however, am not cool.

Sky Jack Morgan said...

I have this hippie idea that people in the arts should compete while collaborating. I have this idea that they should be friendly and support one another while still trying to be better than the other.

Maybe this is impossible. I have not been to a poetry reading fro a long time.