Monday, August 20, 2007


Fun things in poetry have been happening.

I am working on:

Abraham Lincoln cover
Operation Snake
Operation Miracle
Holloway Posters (Fall '07)
Operation Ninja (MS length book of poetry by Jack Morgan finishing tonight)
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I also just found out that I will be in town in time for the Lab Poetry Marathon! Totally deck!
My date to that event will be the one and only Clay Banes, but you should come if you can. We will talk to you and make you feel famous. On the 26th, NewYipes will be going down at 21 Grand. Can't wait for that. Dig the Flyer. There is quite a lot to be positive about in the poetry world.

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Puncture and Prose said...

first of all, i read your poem murdercycle more than ten times and do agree - most bad ass poem ever...

while i might not be as badass give me a shot dear readers..