Wednesday, June 13, 2007

My Name in Lights / Questions about Poetic Geography.

I got my name in lights with

A couple of days ago, I was walking down my street and Joshua Clover zooms past me on a bicycle, right past a cop who promptly spilled coffee all over his front like that officer in the tower on Top Gun.
Then I saw Trevor Calvert sitting around on a corner.
Then I saw Ben Lerner walk by on the other side of the street.
Then I saw Sara Mumolo.
All these poets all over. I live in Berkeley. I like it there. I used to want to move to the Mission in San Francisco, but I want to live in Oakland now. Is it just me, or is there a lot of phonies in the Mission? I could be wrong, but it seems like their bars are kind of lame. It seems like the people who live there don't like talking to one another.
I hardly ever see poets in the Mission district. Sometimes, I guess, but not like here. The scene seems a bit more authentic in the East Bay.
Maybe I'm wrong.
What's the name of that neighborhood that's supposed to be the new Greenwich Village now? I can't remember. But I think that I would like to be there more than the place that's known by all to be the cool place to be. Oakland is not supposed to be the place where poets and artists congregate to create and compare tattoos, but it is. San Francisco's Mission district is supposed to be THE place, but do you really think that's true? Is it not a bit pretentious?

I love the Mission, by the way, but live there? Hmm. I like visiting too much.


Mumolo said...

are u thinking of Williamsburg? hmmm wikipedia that

Sky Jack Morgan said...

Yes. Thanks to you, I can sleep again.

GHam said...

only big fat smelly hipsters with weird hair live in the mission. the rest of us just visit and laugh, and maybe talk to them when they're actually interesting.

(if you read this blog and you are a big fat smelly hipster with weird hair who lives in the mission, I'd probably talked to you because you are actually interesting. also, 'big,' 'fat,' and 'smelly' are meant to describe the degree of your hipsteriness, not your physical appearance. thank you for your time.)