Tuesday, May 29, 2007

1 wndrfl wknd w/lrsn &c.

This weekend was New Yipes with Cynthia Sailers and Jeff Clark. The reading, like all New Yipes readings was very enjoyable.

Afterward there was a party at a house. There, I was able to talk to people like William Moor and Judith Goldman who have both recently impressed at readings. I was a little starstruck.
zI also realized that Mills must be a good school. Of course, I base this on no research whatsoever, but the poets I meet from Mills are all very nice people who seem to write edgy work that always seems fresh. That's nice.

I don't have anything mean to say. I'm getting soft.

Memorial day was Stan App and Ara Shirinyan at Moe's. Their reading was particularly fun because many of the people I met the night before were there, and the poets seemed to complement each other very well. I thought that was weird. There are people who should always read together because they go together like Peas and Carrots, and I think that Stan and Ara are like that. They both had me laughing out loud a couple times, too, and that never happens to me at poetry readings. I am kind of the quiet type of audience member, the kind that does not humpf in recognition or giggle at inside intellectual shit. These guys were really on.
There will be a lot of changes happening here. Soon the URL will change. I've given up the ghost on the union. It's pretty much ending as far as I can see. I wish it weren't so, but all projects must come to an end. It's time to start something new. It's time to walk on water.
Don't forget the Article Journal reading at the Eleanor Harwood gallery on June 7. Sara Mumolo and I will be reading there. I hope to have a chapbook out by then, too. Maybe you would like to read it. Maybe you would like to just have it.
.... Also! Clay Banes is finally back. Welcome back, Clay.


Glenn Ingersoll said...

The time to walk on water comes up only occasionally, and ghosts must now & then give up. On to the next wreck?

Sky Jack Morgan said...

There was a man who walked on water. . . a human man and not the son and not the ghost. I've given up the ghost on just one thing, but it is now time for miracles.