Friday, March 23, 2007

Did that just happen?

Last night's reading was off the chain if I do say so myself.
It started strong with Landon Phillips reading haiku that managed to make everyone laugh without being lame, a feat. Chad Vogler read soon after. Do I need to tell you how great Chad Vogler is? Michelle Dolinsky read, a new face, her, and I was pleasantly surprised. Pablo Lopez gave us more parts of his self, which is always nice.
Mumolo thrilled, Jason Bolton fousted, Sam Urfer rocked, Alexandra impressed, Gillian Hamel softly beat us to death, and I am running out of good verbs and patience writing this. I read, too (Jack Morgan).
Some guy named Paul read on the floor! Arthur Klepuchov totally shit-talked on Bob Hass! Charles Altieri was there in spirit.
Others who read and were loved by all:
Nikol Polidoro (spanish), Beatrix Chan (getting all technological &s), Connie Rose Coady (who didn't let me down), Valyntina Grenier, Robert Perez, and others whose names I don't remember and will probably offend by not including,,,sorry.

Alex Snipes emceed like a professional killer. Seriously, he was amazing.

David Larsen showed up and made me cry that he was not there earlier. He got there right before the party started.

The rest of the night and morning was spent with booze. Lots of kisses, broken egos, and bruised hearts.

It's blurry.

But I can't believe how well the trainwreck union is doing. I always knew we could do it, but I never imagined that we would. Poetry is the most exciting drug.

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Unknown said...

That photo says it all- confusion, mastery, exhilaration, more confusion... The beginning of the beginning...